Carry the Cross

Carry the Cross

Cost: Free Will Donation


Men of the Columbus Diocese

Complete your Lenten fast with a truly masculine prayer and participate in:

“Carry the Cross”


12 Mile Hike

14 Stations of the Cross


Holy Saturday April 15, 2017

Clear Creek Metro Park


Schedule:                   7:30 am arrival

                                   7:45 am -8:00am Morning Prayer

                                   8:00 am - Hike begins with reading of the first station of the cross

2:00 pm–Final prayer


Carry the Cross” is a 12 mile Stations of the Cross hike sponsored by Wilderness Outreach for the men, fathers, and sons, of the Columbus Diocese. A cross constructed of 3”X6” timber, approximately 10’ long with a 7’ cross beam is carried by the men on the journey with the Stations of the Cross prayed every mile or so. The men should bring a day pack with 2-3 liters of water, snacks, and rain gear if appropriate. During the hike silent meditation on our Lord’s passion is encouraged. Prayers like the Rosary, The Prayer to St. Michael, and the Angelus are also encouraged.  


Last year a total of 69 laymen, fathers, and sons participated. St Mary’s of the Assumption, Parish Lancaster, won the honor of the most men. In past years St Patrick, Columbus and St Matthew Gahanna have won. Each year the parish with the most men has an engraved brass plate placed on the replica cross.


This is a good way for fathers and sons and parish men’s groups to engage and bond with one another in a masculine, spiritual, and physical challenge. 


The starting location will be in the parking lot and shelter house at the Barneby Hambleton area at the western end of the park.


For more information contact:


John Bradford      614-679-6761