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May 15, 2017 - May 24, 2017
Domeland Wilderness 2017

Join Wilderenss Outreach in it's adventure and journey into the Domeland Wilderness and the Theology of Mascucline Spirituality. The Domeland is near the southern terminus of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The weather can range from lows in the upper 20's with snow, to bright sunny days in the 90's all in 24 hours! This high desert wilderness is the home of large granite domes, Ponderosa pines, bears, Mexican wolves and rattle snakes.

Like Jesus at the beginning of His ministry, let the Spirit drive you into this wilderness for a deeper dicovery and formation of your God created manhood.

For more information contact:

John Bradford, wildernessoutreach2560@gmail.com, 614-679-6761