Field Notes

Nov 23
Posted November 23, 2014
The Black Range rises up out of the southwestern New Mexico desert, in the center of the Aldo Leopold Wilderness, straddled by the Gila desert to the west and the Rio Grande...
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Oct 28
Posted October 28, 2014
  Turning Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Inside Out Or the Why of Masculine Spirituality In the summer of 2014, high in the granite peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the Ansel...
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Sep 5
Posted September 5, 2014
  A few years ago, I met with a man once a year, who slogged through the most ascetic expedition in Wilderness Outreach history. We talked about Catholic men things and what was...
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Feb 13
Posted February 13, 2014
  When I was a young man, just out of college, I lived a life of an entrepreneurial carpenter in the western United States, working hard, partying hard, backpacking often and...
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Nov 11
Posted November 11, 2013
What’s Wrong With Men Today About a year ago I received an article from a friend entitled “What's wrong with men today?” There are a multitude of examples in books like "Manning...
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