Field Notes

Aug 28
Posted August 28, 2013
The experience of Wilderness Outreach has changed my life. It helped me to grow because it forced me to come out of my comfort zone. I was challenged to use my gifts in order to...
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Aug 14
Posted August 14, 2013
"Yesterday I returned from my trip to California and the incredible Sierra Nevada Mountains. Myself, along with 9 brother seminarians and 3 priests from the Diocese of...
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May 21
Posted May 21, 2012
After we arrived in base camp in Idaho Fr. Coning and 2 men started looking for an appropriate place for the Sanctuary and Altar. One location was near the camp and easy to get to...
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Jun 18
Posted June 18, 2010
On the mountaintop aboveKings Canyon there were many Ponderosa Pines and Cedars but not many rocks in the area of base camp. We found one 48" diameter Ponderosa oriented perfectly...
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Feb 15
Posted February 15, 2009
(Published in the Catholic Times February 15, 2009) As Father Bill Hahn Pastor of St Peter Chillicothe and St Mary Waverly parishes reclined in the 747 on his way to New Mexico,...
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Jun 21
Posted June 21, 2007
The first Wilderness Outreach Altar of Sacrifice was constructed of unhewn stones in the John Muir Wilderness of the High Sierra of California in the summer of 2007.   The Altar...
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