Field Notes

Dec 3
Posted December 3, 2014
It was the last night of our stay in Las Cruces. Eddie Rodriguez was hanging with us until the last cow came home. We were cleaning up the cafeteria-gymnasium-auditorium of the...
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Nov 23
Posted November 23, 2014
The Black Range rises up out of the southwestern New Mexico desert, in the center of the Aldo Leopold Wilderness, straddled by the Gila desert to the west and the Rio Grande...
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Oct 9
Posted October 9, 2013
I have spent a lifetime in the construction industry building and renovating. A few weeks ago I made a morning hike with a man who has done the same. Denny learned the trade of...
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Aug 28
Posted August 28, 2013
The experience of Wilderness Outreach has changed my life. It helped me to grow because it forced me to come out of my comfort zone. I was challenged to use my gifts in order to...
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May 21
Posted May 21, 2012
After we arrived in base camp in Idaho Fr. Coning and 2 men started looking for an appropriate place for the Sanctuary and Altar. One location was near the camp and easy to get to...
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