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Altar High Sierra

Jun 21
Altar High Sierra
Posted June 21, 2007
The first Wilderness Outreach Altar of Sacrifice was constructed of unhewn stones in the John Muir Wilderness of the High Sierra of California in the summer of 2007.
The Altar was built of 2 columns with a large stone mensa for the top. The mensa stone weighed over 350 pounds and was awkward and dangerous to move into place. Some of the men wanted to give up on the stone and find another since it was so difficult to pick up. Justin Bennet, one of the youngest of the men, would have none of it. He walked up to it and with all his strength picked up one end and said with a loud grunt "c'mon men"! and with his urging they picked it up, carried it into position and set it on the 
columns of stone.